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Algonquians, Siouxes, Muskogee and Uto Aztecs are only some of the many Indian clans who once lived in the unexplored American lands before the arrival of the Europeans; at the end of 14th century the Native Americans in the grasslands and in the plateaux were about 900.000.The journey of Christopher Columbus to discover the “new continent”(1492) opened the doors of America to a crowd of navigators and avid traders who craved for riches; the first arrived were the French and the English followed by the Spanish . During the seventeenth century by the many migrations caused by the religious persecutions , bore 13 colonies of the New England which in 1776 proclaimed the independence from their motherland with a declaration of Thomas Jefferson. These colonists, overwhelmed by the English restrictions and dues, were guided by George Washington through a war of independence won in 1783.
The following years were marked by the advance towards west-nicknamed “the conquest of West”-which damaged so much the native Americans who after being cheated with the purchasing at low price of their lands, they were constricted to live in reservations.
An other negative consequence during this period was the increase of the conflicts between the north states and the south ones; the industrial mentality contrasted so much the landowner one that it generated the American Civil war(1861-65).The main problem was anyhow the slavery: the war ended up with the Unionists victory due to the superior number of soldiers , and with the abolition of slavery by Abraham Lincoln.

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The 20th century shows an isolationist America, determined to leave the Europeans out from its own business, but well inclined to welcome always new immigrants from the Old Continent.(More than 20 Millions in 50 years).The American Grant vanished however at the end of the first world war when the American president Wilson refused to join the growing United Nations. The breakdown of Wall Street (1929) marked the beginning of a great depression: in fact the New Continent fell down in an economic crisis raised up only by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the president who realized the New Deal policy. The same Roosevelt induced the US to enter the second world war after the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour. The conflict was finally settled thanks to the American intervention in Europe but after the peace treaty the number of conflicts between US and U.S.S.R increased to obtain world’s leadership. The clash of interests between these two superpowers provoked the beginning of the “cold war”, an ideological battle which went on until the collapse of Berlin Wall(1989).During the last 50 years the United States have extended its supremacy to the whole world ,suffering sometimes heavy losses of human lives in real questionable battles such as the Vietnam war. American home politics has always been the theatre of many scandals (Nixon and the Watergate affair),Scientific primacies,(The first man landed on the moon was an American) and juvenile rebellions(the 1968 protest movement and the antiracist one).


The U.S are the fourth widest Nation in the world which includes in its about 10 Millions square kilometres an incredible variety of people, languages and traditions that once contributed to the forming of a cosmopolite Country such as the United States of America. This Nation, born thanks to the freedom wish of the many victims of political and religious persecution coming from many Countries of Europe, is today a colossus with a very strong national sensibility which includes 50 different states.
To welcome both the immigrants and the tourists who reach the Atlantic Coast is still the Statue of Liberty, a giant manufactured in France which dominates New York’s bay, instead those people who arrive to the West coast can see the ”Golden Gate”, which is S.Francisco’s bridge” par excellence”.
Between these two coasts there are the” National Parks” , the most prestigious universities, the big cities of the scientific progress, of the cinematography and of the game of chance. Among all the secrets hidden in the American soul ,you can discover both its democratic roots and the folkloristic ones just visiting it .


Area:9.629.107 square kilometres.
Capital: Washington D.C(District of Columbia) which has 523.000 inhabitants.
Language: The official language is English, but thanks to the presence of European ethnic minorities in some of the biggest cities is also understood and spoken Spanish and sometimes Italian.
Domestic Currency: The official currency is the American Dollar (USD).
Time Zone: The east coast GMT-5 hours, The Central States GMT-6 hours, The Mountain areas GMT-7 hours, The Pacific Coast GMT-8 hours, finally Alaska and Hawaii respectively GMT –9 hours and –10 hours.
Religion: About a half of the population is Protestant; other professed religions are Catholicism and Hebraism.
Papers: A valid passport is required ;on the airplane is given to the passengers a form to be filled in and handed back just crossed the border, to explain the reason of the journey and some personal information. In fact if your stay gets over 3 months or doesn’t have a touristic intent, a special permission is required.

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