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New York:
The visit of New York, for many tourists begins from the statue of Liberty,which is the chief symbol of U.S universe starting from the ninetheenth century ,appears like a beautiful woman who welcomes people with a smile. New York is a cosmopolitan and multiracial metropolis where skyscrapers and traditional houses spring up together overlooking the homonymous bay.After the tragic events of the 11 th of September and the dramatic fall of the Twin Towers,the Empire State Building with its 102 floors dominates the skyline of the city. People arriving in the city-nicknamed “big apple”-should absolutely to see the Times Square and Rockfeller Center,both dear to local people in particular during the Christmas holidays; in Times Square is celebrated the New Year’s day instead in Rockfeller Center, builded by the homonymous billionarie you can listen to the music and admire a stately Christmas tree. The “green lung”of the city is Central Park which is very popular among the inhabitants who like jogging or to walk and to watch there music shows.Instead the “sport heart”of New York beats both in the baseball’s stadium and in the football’s one such as Madison Square garden,seat of the principal sport events of the season.The cultural offer of the city is great both by the expositive view –such as Moma and Guggenheim Museum-and by the musical and theatral one,whose capital is Broadway.You can also visit, better with a tour operator, the several ethnic communities present in the city,especially the pictoresque Little Italy and Chinatown
Seat of the American policy and President’s residence,Washington is located within the boundaries of District of Columbia,a sort of special area situated in Maryland State. In the city some of the chief symbols of the American power are partially open to the visitors;you can visit in fact.the Capitol- seat of the American senate and house of Representatives, and some halls of the White House, where since the 19 th century the fates of this superpower were decided. Washington also offers the biggest library of the world and some war memorials.
Washington - satellite view
Boston e Chicago:
Boston is the capital of Massachussets State and one of the oldest cities of the Nation, instead Chicago is located on Michigan Lake and it is the 3 rd biggest American city. These two Eastern centres have in common a great cultural livelyness,which lead them to express the newest musical and artistic trendies. Boston is the historic city “par excellance”,which is pride of an important tradition supporter of independence that mentions its heroic deeds throughout sixteen historic places of “the path of freedom”,joined together with a red line on the asphalt. The vicinity of Harvard university which is not very far from , contributes also to influence this city with its vitality. People who reach Chicago, found a city in continuosly advanced; to draw the profile of the”Great Lakes” metropolis are the works of some prestigious architets and the Sears Tower’s skyscraper which offers a good view of Chicago.The tourist who comes home can’t forget anyhow the beautiful vision of Chicago by night:it’s not easy to choose a place among all the ones of this city,which is renown as the “cradle of blues”.
Los Angeles e San Francisco:
These big Western cities,respectively L.A and Frisco-as they are called by its citizens-overlook the Pacific ocean and welcome the tourists with the typical californian enthusiasm.San Francisco is the city of the 43 hills,where the trams go upon them and where every day is crossed the highest hanging bridge of the world,the incredible Golden Gate which turns red the panorama and leads us to one of the biggest city park of the world.A mix of colours and populations,Frisco offers a good social life and a lively cultural one. In the city you can taste delicious fish cooked also in many market stalls,instead you need to travel for some kilometres to taste the “wine’s valley”,produced in the famous Napa Valley.The writing”HOLLYWOOD”located on the several hills surrounding Los Angeles represents the californian supremacy on the cinema industry,which produces and awards the most seen movies of the season.In the lively metropolis inhabited by different cultures and races you can find the signs of almost all hollywoodian stars on the pavement-the famous walk of fame’s stars-and the renownest studios universal and Paramount- open to the visitors.The exclusive Beverly Hills offers the impossible shop-windows of Rodeo Drive-the most expensive street of the world-instead Santa Monica and Malibu beaches are reached by everyone and recommendable to surfers searching for waves.Dedicated not only to children,Disneyland’s Park,was born in the 50s as an idea of Mickey Mouse’s dad.
- Los Angeles - Downtown -
Orlando e Miami:
It is not only the realm of fun for the young people but also a real paradise for adults:Orlando is the ideal place if you want to enter the magic world of Walt Disney or to make a journey through the future. Among all the theme parks of Florida the protagonist is without doubt the “Magic Kingdom”-elder brother of Los Angeles’one-where you can walk with Minnie and Mickey Mouse and relive Peter Pan’s adventures;for adults there is EPCOT,dedicated to ideas and projects of the most advanced technologies,and Sea World,a quite famous marine park.Not too far from here there is Cape Canaveral base from where Shuttles are launched on their missions.Located on the head of Florida ,Miami is a city with a double soul,both american and caribbean; to breathe the right atmosphere of Miami is advisable to visit the famous wide and sunny beaches and an amusing nightlife.
- Miami - Panorama -
New Orleans, Memphis e Nashville:
Located in the south-east area of the Nation,New Orleans,Memphis and Nashville live following the beat of the music and consequently these are music-lovers’favourite destinations.In the suggestive New Orleans,in Louisiana,you can listen to jazz music also improvised by bands in the French quarter.Instead the two cities of Tennessee,Memphis and Nashville,are full of music symbols;f.e.in Memphis the unusual Graceland-the realm of Elvis”the pelvis”Presley which contains his heirloom and mortal remains-instead Nashville is the capital of country music,that you can listen in the most beautiful places of the city.
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