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Welcome to Vortal City Network
Even if the sea is not the principal aspect for those tourists who stay in the U.S,the nation is able to offer interesting places to relax themselves on the beach or diving into the sea.Both californian coasts and beaches of Florida offer several opportunities of tanning and amusement even if the best-loved destination of both american and foreign people are always Hawaii.
Venice beach
The starting point to discover these suggestive islands is Honolulu,where the tourists arrive and the inhabitants of the american archipelago welcome them with the traditional wreths of flowers. Oahu island offers the view of an extinct volcano and the magic beach of Waikiki,or also Pearl Harbour,which was attacked by the japanese army in the second world war.Also the green isle of Maui offers pure shores and an extinct crater.The two less frequented isles are characterized respectively by a lush vegetation the first one –named Kauai(the garden island)and with the presence of two active volcanos the second one-named Hawaii,which is wider than the other.
It’s impossible to deny that the most famous destination of the country is Miami Beach,which is the marine side of the homonymous city;in the area are also patronized the islands in front of the bay espacially Key Biscarne. Among all the places of the peninsule some of them are more significative than the other ones such as Fort Lauderdale,Palm Beach-dedicated to the golf lovers and the most popular beach among the surfers-Daytona Beach.
Miami beach
The beaches of Santa Monica and Malibu are quite close to the city and you can reach them easily from the center of Los Angeles.The first one includes a 5 kilometres long shore,lively and frequented both night and day.Malibu is instead the most popular among surfers and vips; some people reach it searching for a”perfect wave”,instead other people consider Malibu a quite peaceful oasis far from L.A traffic.Also the seaside of San Diego,which extends until the Mexican border,is requested by the surfers.
Malibù beach
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