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Suggestive traditional festivals and sports events characterize the 12 United States months,giving both to american and foreign people many opportunity to enjoy themselves.The most heartfelt events are the Independence day celebrated on the 4 th of July with parades and fireworks,and the Thanksgiving Day that commemorates the meeting between the Pilgrim Fathers and the Native Americans, celebrated in november. It is usually an occasion to get together round sumptuosly laid tables.Among the principal american cities New York is without doubt the most lively one which lodges events linked not only to traditions and folklore-f.e the Irish feast of St.Patrick-but also to many sports events:here through the streets of the city takes place in november the most famous marathon race instead inside the beautiful sports complex of Flushind Meadows and Madison Square Garden are performed important tennis tournaments and the basketball season of NBA.If as far as concern the sport can be also mentioned the Superbowl(grand final of the american football)and Kentucky Derby(important horse race),instead for music and cinema it is necessary to cite the great californian kermess on the occasion of oscar awards and the jazz festival of New York,Chicago and New Orleans.

Fashionable Places:  

The typical american evening is dictated by music,cinema and theater pratically all over the whole nation .Motherland of Jazz and Blues,the U.S celebrate all kinds of music with places and clubs where you can listen to the most famous artists’songs or the wildest rock bands’ones;often these places are quite small but you can also find many rock “sanctuaries”which are able to contain a reasonable number of people.Instead those people who want to spend a quiet evening can choose to sit in the back stalls of a theater enjoying the performances of the greatest artists; Broadway, a quarter of New York, is without doubt the queen of the theater ,where in the many theathers are represented both comedies and musicals and where the purchase of a last minute ticket is a mission impossible.For those people who have a good knowledge of English or want simply to improve it, we suggest to go to the cinema;the capital of this”Empire”is Hollywood,California,but the opening nights of the important movies are lodged also in many other frameworks of the country.Finally for those people who want to laugh, there are in New York many places where is possible to watch a cabaret show.


Mosaic of races and cultures the American Nation transmits the various composition of its population through an international cooking,which is made of traditonal recipes and singular interpretations of the many national cookings here once settled.The main dish of a country which celebrates its specialities at dinner.-dedicating to the lunch only quick snacks, is the meat,tasted as nourishing T-bones and southern fried chicken.The states which are on the sea proposes instead the best fish-based recipes; those tourists who stay in Boston have to taste the Cham Chowder,an excellent shellfish soupe.A spicy cooking with a French aftertaste is that one from Louisiana where the menu offers Gumbo,a fish or meat-based soupe with a strong taste,and Jambalya.To get the americans together round a sumptuosly laid tables is the turkey,principal protagonist of theThanksgiving Day,whose delicious stuffing requires good cookery skills.In term of drinks it’s superfluous to remember that theU.S are the motherland of the most famous drink of the world,the Coke,and of many other soft drinks;it is remarkable to say that the rich californian viticultural cultivations have made rediscover to the american the deliciousness of their wine which often goes well with the most important meals.

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