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American nature is a wonderful and unexplored universe which every year can be discovered by millions of visitors. Many national parks and nature reserves of the nation are located in the West coast. The tourist who wants a holiday in contact with the nature must absolutely visit at least one of these parks, maybe choosing an accomodation in the hotels located inside the parks. Anyway to visit the most interesting thinghs without being in danger you have to take with you the maps provided by the Visitor Center and to remain inside the lined routes.It is also advisable to book your holiday in advance because the accomodations inside the parks are not so many.
Parchi Nazionali Americani  "Veduta"
Golden Eagle Pass:

This special pass which you can buy entering the main parks, is the most suitable way for the tourists to visit the american natural property.This ticket bought inside a framework managed by the National Park Service allows to enter by car all the other parks belonging to the same association ,for 1 year; Golden Eagle Pass costs 50 $.

It is the most famous park of the nation which extends for 9 thousand kilometres in the heart of the Rocky mountains,between Wyoming,Montana and Idaho. Yellostone has become a national park since more than a century and nowadays it welcomes the visitors from 5 entrances showing an incredible performance of about 200 geysers, the Grand Canyon which extends for about 40 kilometres and some falls higher than Niagara ones.The tourist who loves the nature must see the brown and grizzly bears at liberty and an on time geyser,the old Faithfull,which sprinkles water every hour.
Yellostone Park
This californian park born in 1890 occupies a valley in the middle of Sierra Nevada’mountains.Thanks to its particular location,the place -which is surrounded by rock faces-,is the ideal destination for cragsmen and those people who want to admire the incredible”El Capitan”which is the oldest granite monolith of the world. Don’t forget also to visit Yosemite Falls,the highest ones of the country and Mariposa Grove,where stand a hundred of giant sequoias
Yosemite Park "Waterfall"
Death Valley:
Inside this californian salt desert there is not only the lowest point of U.S but also the hottest one.The drainage of the lake which once was located in this old valley has left a thick salt scale on the rocks;from Dante’s view the tourist enjoys the wonderful landscape of the valley.
Death Valley - "la tavolozza dell'artista"
Brice Canyon e Arches Park:

Both located in Utah,Bryce Canyon and Arches Park offer to the visitors a sequence of unusual rocky formations modelled by physical agents.In the first one you can see rock castles and needles inside incredible coloured amphitheatres;instead from the four panoramic positions you can admire suggestive series of pink limestone. Arches Park bears its name from the several stone arches which are located inside it;you can see some of them driving along the main park lane but the most beautiful ones are reachable only if you walk..

Brice Park "View"
Monument Valley e Mesa Verde:

Arches Park "View"

Those people who search for the Far West atmosphere have to visit absolutely the Monument Valley; after being the scenery of many western movies,this valley located between the borders of Arizona and Utah shows an incredible landscape made of unusual rocky formations.This area includes also a Navajo Reservation which can be visited in groups guided by Indians.The national park of Mesa Verde is located in Colorado and it is inhabited by the indian clan of Anasazs; the main attractions are their houses which are digged in the rock behind the mountains.You can discover the life of the Indians not only visiting their decorated houses but also seeing a museum about them inside the park.

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