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Niagara Falls:
NIagara Falls
Le cascate più famose del mondo si trovano a circa 700 km da New York e segnano con le loro acque il confine tra Stati Uniti e Canada; nate dall’incontro tra il Lago Eire e il Lago Ontario le Niagara Falls offrono al visitatore uno spettacolare fronte d’acqua lungo quasi mille metri e alto 60. Chi vuole vedere da vicino le cascate senza paura di bagnarsi un po’, può approfittare del “Maid of Mist”, il battello che ad orari stabiliti accompagna i turisti proprio sotto il muro d’acqua. Se si arriva dal versante statunitense si può facilmente passare in Canada grazie al “Rainbow Bridge”; chi si attarda fino a sera può godere invece della suggestiva visione delle cascate illuminate.
Mount Rushmore National Monument:
It is often included in the touristic routes of the principal tour operators: the Mount Rushmore is world wide known thanks to its stately show made of 4 presidential heads which are sculpted in the mountain.This singular monument that homages Washington,Jefferson,Lincoln and Roosevelt has been realized in the first half of the twentieh- century viewed by the sculptor Borglum and it is today an interesting halting place to visit.
Mount Rushmore

Halloween’s eve is celebrated on the 31 th of October by children and adults. In the whole country the children go from door to door wearing dreadful masks asking for sweets saying:”Trick or Treat”. There are many public and private fancy-dress parties for the adults; the most famous ones take place in New York and California. In the”Big Apple”is obbligatory to see the parade in Greenwich Village,instead you can see the most beautiful ones of the west coast in Los Angeles and san Francisco.

Carnival IN New Orleans:
The Carnival of New Orleans is a traditional festival introduced in America by the French people now considered a mondial event. In a city which love to have fun ,this festival represents the highlight of the show. Mardi Gras the french translation of the shrove Tuesday, is the most important day during the Carnival period, celebrated with some very coloured and noisy parades or
Private parties where it is obbligatory to be masked. If you wish to see the costumes used on these parades you can visit the “Mardi Gras Museum”.
Autumn in Vermont
This natural event named “fall foliage”attracts an incredible number of people:in fact it has become one of the main reasons for those people who come every autumn in New England.The fall of the leaves begins in September but the most suggestive phenomene, the change of the colour, happens in october ;in that occasion the so-called “leaves-watchers” try to make pictures catching their magic warm colours which shift from red to gold .Among all the States of New England the Vermont offers the most beautiful show and like the other two ones(Maine and Massachussets)has at disposal some web sites dedicated to this event; where is possible to find the “fall foliage”maps,with even forecasts on leaves’colour.
Risk in Las Vegas:
There are two places where you can defy chance in this metropolis of Nevada;the first one is Casinò where among slot machines,roulettes and gambling table you have just to pick and choose if you have the fever for gambling or if you want to bet on your favourite number.Las Vegas offers an incredible number of hotels-stately casinòs inspired to the big metropolis of the world and to thehistory; in fact it isn’t unusual to walk along venetian calles while you’re going towards slot machines or to meet a roman centurion nearby the roulette.The “wedding chapels” are the other extremely dangerous places. In Las Vegas in fact people get married in few minutes. The wedding business offers to the boyfriends of all over the world not only full celebrations-including wedding rings,witnesses,and photos-but also quick procedures to get divorce.
Le “wedding chappel” sono l’altro luogo ad “alto rischio”, visto che a Las Vegas ci si sposa con una tale facilità che non sempre le unioni sono sorrette da volontà sincera. Il business dei matrimoni offre ai fidanzati di tutto il mondo non solo cerimonie complete – dalle fedi ai testimoni ed al servizio fotografico – ma anche procedure veloci per il divorzio.
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